Special Collections Research Center, University of Chicago Library.

Research Assistantships

NELC students may have the opportunity to gain experience on actual faculty research projects as a Research Assistant.  This may involve translating, data collecting or processing, fieldwork or library research, and depends on the availability of faculty research funds. Interested student should contact individual faculty members if interested in such opportunities.


Grants are available through the College to assist students with career development, or with research for the NELC BA Paper.  

NELC majors are eligible to apply for several PRISM program grants. These competitive grants are offered by the Office of Career Advancement at the University of Chicago to help undergraduate students develop and fund independent academic research projects and career development opportunities.

  • PRISM Research Grants can assist students complete a research proposal of their own devising that links their academic and career interests (this is not available to support work as a faculty research assistant or an unpaid internship, but might be used for research for the BA Paper project).  Eligible project may receive funding of $1,500 to $2,500 (an itemized proposed budget is required as part of the application).  It is strongly recommended that you approach a NELC faculty member for advice about constructing your proposal. The deadline for this grant is usually early in April.
  • The Seidel Scholars PRISM grants provide a small group of select students a $4,000 summer stipend for an individual career-oriented project that is related to your major, but not exclusively academic in nature. Students have used this grant to write novels, curate museum exhibits, film documentaries and research family histories.   

Other competitive grants are open to application from any student in the College, including:

  • Summer Action Grant awards that provide funding for students to intern or work in the summer in a program that demonstrably enhances their academic and/or professional goals.
  • International Experience Grants offered by the Career Advancement Office through a competitive program that assists students to work with a particular organization overseas (students submit a proposal including a budget, evidence of communication with the proposed host organization, a back-up plan, and how this program will enhance your professional goals). The average amount is $3,500.

Additional international opportunities offer specific targeted programs for working or career advancement abroad.