Dumanian Visiting Professor in Armenian Studies

Dumanian Armenian Studies Endowment

The Department has benefited from the support of Dr. Ara Vahan and Edma Dumanian, who established the Dumanian Armenian Studies Endowment at UChicago in 1983. The endowment allows NELC to bring renowned scholars to campus every spring quarter to teach a class on a topic in Armenian studies and give a public lecture on their work.

The Dumanian Armenian Studies Endowment has been central to establishing NELC and the University of Chicago as one of the premiere institutions for Armenian studies in the United States. 

Past Dumanian Visiting Professors

Annual Dumanian Lectures

Melissa Bilal, 2018 Visiting Dumanian Professor, “Never Bow in Servitude: Ottoman Armenian Women's Writings on Antimilitarism and People's Right to Self-defense," Public lecture delivered on May 24, 2018.
Giusto Traina, 2017 Visiting Dumanian Professor, ""A Forgotten Empire: Tigran's Greater Armenia," Public lecture delivered on May 25, 2017.